Current Gallery: subliminals ( piece)
Here I am, exploring the realms of the abstract. Normally when I see abstract art there's that little voice in my head that says,"What's that suppose to mean?". But I find it quit liberating to create art without boundaries. Still to me it as to mean something. So why not add subliminal messages into the art. Even if I tell you what the message is, it still works. The simple fact here is that we are Human-Beings. Our greatest gift is also our worst enemy. We have the unique ability to create "something out of nothing". The message is there, but how it's seen depends on how you look it.
"Subliminal Sex 01-Green"  (2010) by Art_By_Design_Studio
  • Subliminal Sex 01-Green Subliminal Sex 01-Green
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  • Subliminal art sample Subliminal art sample
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