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Current Gallery: transportation ( piece)
Automobiles, trucks, bikes and just about anything else with wheels portrayed by California artist RD Riccoboni Artist Statement: Color is the first thing you notice about my work. What makes it 'pop' is the placement of color and texture. My palette is derived from the prismatic colors in the original rainbow flag which represent sexuality, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, peace and spirit. As a painter I am a visual storyteller. An intuitive message comes when creating the art - perhaps it is playful, calming, erotic, disturbing, political, or even sacred. I like to flirt with the issues and experiences we face in everyday life, the things we do, the buildings we construct and live in and the destination places we congregate and go to that define our lives. Whether positive, humorous, or thought provoking, my work portrays events people relate to while creating a sense of place for the viewer. Riccoboni is an insightful, American born artist (California, 1960) influenced by a plethora of sights, sounds, colors, textures and emotion. This self-taught artist acquired his drive and inspiration from encouragement given him by family, friends and public school teachers. Riccoboni’s profound love for art and architecture are evidenced in his paintings, landscape and portrait masterpieces; art work that captures the essence of a person’s spirit, the love given from animals as well as the beauty and intensity in his land and cityscapes.
"The General Store Old Town San Diego"  (2011) by RDRiccoboni
Surrey With The Fringe on Top by RD Riccoboni
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The General Store Old Town San Diego
from $ 250

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