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Current Gallery: cows ( piece)
I grew up in rural Mississippi. Laughing was a rarity unless it was something very very funny. Long before The Far Side was a glimmer in Gary Larson's eye, we in Mississippi took long drives into farm communities to commune with our bovine friends.....and laugh. Of course we were about 15. Hopefully we haven't matured much since then.
"Cows Abduct Grazing Aliens"  by RickLondon
  • Al CowPone & The Mooofia Gang Al CowPone & The Mooofia Gang
from $ 11
  • Butcher Of Safeway (Scary Mooovies) Butcher Of Safeway (Scary Mooovies)
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  • Cows Abduct Grazing Aliens Cows Abduct Grazing Aliens
from $ 11

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